Fleur Marché - Branding and Communication of the new player in the CBD market


Launched by GOOP alumni Meredith Schroeder and Ashley Lewis, Fleur Marché is on a mission to open the cannabis market to an underserved female audience. 

“No longer reserved for stoners and bong, the cannabis of today looks very different from the baggie full of weed you remember from high school. Let us introduce you to a whole new way of using it, one that will make you feel better. “ from the Fleur March Mission. 

The growing CBD Industry is expected to grow to $2 billion by 2022 in the US alone, according to key findings from New Frontier Data.

Presented as Cannabis Apothecary, Fleur Marché launches a clear signal towards a health focused CBD approach, with a stylish service and products targeting the higher end of the cannabis market.

“When you reposition CBD to women as part of self-care, and something that would help with anxiety, sleep and PMS as opposed to something that is just for recreational use, you can garner a whole bunch of different consumers,” Lewis said.

The brand is aware, that educating and reeductation their audience about the benefits of CBD, needs to be an integral part of their communication and customer acquisition strategy.  The articles and the website cover a range of topics from “What is CBD” to “What form of CBD is right for me?” “What  to look for on a product label?” “CBD Dosing basics” “CBD vs THC”.


Fleur Marché categorizes products based on intended use, Anxiety, Sleep, Pain Relief, PMS, Beauty & Skincare. CBD Starter Kits sell for$125 for the PMS Kit, $160 for the Beauty Kit,$180 for the Sleep Kit. 

 “While the benefit of CBD for menstrual cramps has not been clinically proven, CBD has an anti-inflammatory property, so it makes perfect sense to help with menstrual pain in that it will help with inflammation,” Diana Martins-Welch, an attending physician in palliative medicine at Northwell Health, told Moneyish.

Fleur Marché also features a range of CBD skincare brands. Often hailed as the new collagen, CBD is popping up as a key ingredient in skincare everywhere, no wonder as it is known as a potent antioxidant. Skincare is also good low-commitment way to introduce CBD into a daily routine.

Fleur Marché’s curated experience brings style and class into the CBD industry.