How to rock social media with a weekly editorial plan!


Step away from random posting and make a social media plan that works for your Beauty and Wellness Business. Following these five simple steps will save you time and take social media off your busy plate…until next week.

1.   First check a social media calendar and a regular calendar for events and happenings in your area and online. It is always a good idea to start promoting seasonal events like Mother’s Day or Christmas early and plan them into your online strategy.

2.  Check your bookings going back four weeks to identify weak points and slow times to you focus your promotions on, for example off peak specials or mid-week offers. Even if you have a good idea in mind of your bookings, it can be beneficial to go back and count bookings per slot for four weeks. Ideally, if you have access to the data from the same time period the year before, you can verify which treatments where popular in the same period the previous year on top of what has been trending for the previous four weeks.

3.  Based on your findings of step one and two make a plan for minimum one post a day. Feel free to use classic hashtags like #mondayblues or #humpday to plan offers for the week and focus especially on slow time and seasonal promotions. You can dedicate a day or more of the week to a repeating special offers like Massage Mondays, Colour Thursdays etc.

4.  Now it is time to create your posts. Websites like Unsplash offer high end images free to use, as alternative to stock photes, should you not have your own high end quality  photographic or video material. For post templates we recommend Canva or Adobe Sparks, that you can also use for text posts like customer review and quotes

Post should always contain the following

  • ·  A promotional code (if your booking system allows it) to check your results and return of investment

  • ·  An educational element to inform customers of the benefits of the treatment

  • ·  An invite to action (book online, call now, tag 3 friends for our giveaway etc)

  • ·  A mixture of generic (London, beauty, hair),  specific (carboonpeeling, olaplex) and event hashtags if applicable (royalwedding, earthday, Christmas)

5.  Once you have your posts ready for the week, check your Social Media Insights for the best time to post. You can easily find this information on Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter in Data Insights and Reports. Upload and Schedule your posts using an online platform like ContentCal (free for up to four social media accounts) for the times and dates set in the calendar and the platform will do the posting for you. Facebook also offers the option to plan your posts ahead of time.

Going forward you can repeat elements of your schedules like the weekly promotions with different images every week and you can plan ahead more than a week once you have a calendar in place.