From Dove to Microsoft: 5 female empowerment Ad Campaigns and what we can learn from them

What Can we learn from them?

Many have tried to a appeal to women and girls with empowering advertising and some have succeeded to create a message that resonated beyond their brand.

Here are five examples of Female Empowerment Ad Campaigns and what we can learn from them for our own storytelling and campaigns.

Dove - Real Beauty

Doves very successful campaign for “Real Beauty”, was one of the first to feature women of all shapes and sizes posing in their underwear. The campaigns have been challenging traditional beauty standards and inviting women around the world to embrace their bodies and what makes them unique.

The lesson:

A bodypostive message resonates and empowers your audience.

Always – #Like a girl

The Always #likeagirl campaigns set out the challenge the norm and to start a dialogue on the negative connotations of the phrase “like girl”. The campaign has found powerful ways to reframe #likeagirl from a campaigns for better representation of girls in emoji, to empowering girls not to quit sports or girls symbolically destroys her limitations written ob boxen, by smashing, kicking them.

The lesson:

Powerful storytelling with a strong message can reframe the conversation.

Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” Campaign

Under Armour launcheda global women’s campaign back in 2014, celebrating women that had overcome adversity. The aim of the ads has been to inspire other women to focus on their abilities, their passions, and their inner strength, therby encouraging them never give up on what they want.

The lesson:

Women can be an inspiration, one story of overcoming adversity can insipire many others to do the same.

Microsoft’s Make whats next Campaign

Microsoft recognized the need to encourage young girls to invent and create since only 7% of the worlds patents are being held by women. This popular campaign showcases young girls being surprised that not everthing was Manmade. Microsoft also launched a patent program for young female inventors that provides the guidance and funding for them to innovate and create.

The lesson:

Recognize the specific challenges in your field and follow up with an action or practical application.

Cover Girl “Girls Can”

Cover Girl recently ran a marketing campaign to let girls know that the can do anything. The cast of included inspirational and aspirational female celebrities — like Queen Latifah, Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, and Janelle Monáe — discussing all of the things they were told they couldn’t do simply because they were girls, showing also how they overcame challenges and stereotypes on the road to success.

The Lesson:

Female celebrities with a track record to empower women and girls, can also do so for your brand